Why Photograph

Adapted from Paul Turounet

I photograph to find out what something will look like photographed.  The photograph isn’t what was photographed, it’s something else. It’s about transformation. And that’s what it is. That hasn’t changed, largely. But it’s not that simple. Let’s put it this way — I photograph what interests me all the time. I live with the pictures to see what that thing looks like photographed. – Garry Winogrand

For this assignment, create images that reflect focused attention on your curiosities and interests with photography. In thinking about what to photograph, gravitate towards what your interests and curiosities are. How would you approach those interests and ideas photographically to reveal what they would look like as a photographs? In addition to their visual engagement, what do you want the photographs to reveal, suggest or evoke, intellectually and/or emotionally, in relationship to these ideas and perceptions?

Consider how your use of the camera, photographic aesthetics and materials will be used in making photographs that begin to suggest and inform these curiosities and ideas. With this assignment, it is essential that your photographic process reflect a sense of considered thought and active visual exploration.


  • 2 Contact Sheets (4×5 grid)  that reflect focused attention on your interests and curiosities with  photography.
  • Write a short response that discusses why you want to photograph.

See Calendar for due date.